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Reenergizing brands to maximize impact.

Point of View and Approach

Energy can be found in any brand, large or small, new or old, in any category. It’s energy that should envelop the
entire business with a Unifying Brand Idea™, rally inside and outside based on shared beliefs and drive higher profits.
As a strategic consultant, my approach focuses on how "brand" can improve business performance. Focusing equally
on bringing clarity to an organization’s challenges and identifying opportunities to reenergize brands as
organizing ideas to move business and people forward. Integral to my approach:

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Goals Alignment

Kick off with a precise and mutually agreed understanding of objectives, results and
metrics of success.

Eyes Wide Open Icon.png

Eyes Wide-Open

Begin with what we know, then reconsider and redefine to help leaders and teams to see
and think in new ways.

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The Power of Many

Board, leadership, employees, partners, influencers – engage them from the start to build understanding and belief in your future. 

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Solutions align purpose, story, strategy, people, design and experience – so everything and everyone works together.  

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Brand-Led Culture

Infuse your brand throughout all touchpoints and interactions, rallying people and processes
toward shared outcomes.

Three Core Solutions

What People Are Saying

President & CEO
Non-Profit Organization

You led us to question who we were and wanted to be and guided us through a major rebranding. After so many years of talking about it and not making progress, you helped rejuvenate the board and made them realize they could really change things for the better.  I can’t thank you enough for helping us through that and creating that energy.

Chairman of the Board
Regional Healthcare System

Our health system brand is a lightning rod for many, and you navigate this brand-building challenge exceptionally well – blending respect for the past with gentle nudging of inherently sensible ideas.

Marketing Director
National Wellness Organization

 Your expertise combined with your outside category perspective resulted in an extremely successful collaboration and repositioning. You nailed our branding in ways we were never able that captures who we are and how we do health differently.

Non-Profit Health System

Chief Strategy Officer

The transition to our new brand that you created and shepherded across the organization positions us for the future in encouraging and supporting health and wellness to the communities we serve. Your partnership and collaboration was essential in this activity. 

Leading Global Permanent Makeup Company

External Marketing Consultant 

I was engaged by leadership to identify a firm that could take this already leading global PMU brand to the next level. From the moment we met, your professionalism and commitment to our company and brand has gone above and beyond. We wouldn’t have achieved all that we have without your partnership.  

International Women's Member-Based Organization

Executive Director

We've been impressed not only by the process of identifying how to uniquely position our organization, but also the excitement it has generated across the organization. With your guidance we have discovered not only who we want to be, but who we have been since 1885. It's been an exciting three year journey witnessing your incredible work and you mean a great deal to our organization.  

Meet Eric Brody, Principal & Chief Strategist

Brand Consulting Track Record. From 1999-2021, I guided my firm Trajectory LLC into a multi-million dollar nationally recognized brand agency launching, revitalizing and transforming brands, up until sale to another agency*. Prior to Trajectory, I was Executive Vice President and North American Management Board member at Interbrand, the world's largest brand consultancy.

Multi-Disciplinary Background. Prior to consulting, I held brand management positions at L'Oreal and Beiersdorf Inc., working on both established brands and new products. And I started my career in Advertising Account Management at the world's largest agencies.


Expertise. For 20+ years, I've solved brand-led business challenges for clients across the B2C and B2B health and wellness landscape. Clients spanned Traditional & Complementary Healthcare, Wellness & Consumer-Driven Care, Personal Care & Beauty, Sports & Active Living. During this time, I've also worked in Education, with Non-Profit Agencies, For-Profit Associations, and offered services Pro Bono.  

Unique Approach. I combine a rigorous approach to problem-solving with creativity to guide leaders and teams to see in new ways and shape 
sound and original business solutions. Insights and creative resources are hand-picked for each custom-designed engagement (if client resources don't exist). 

Building Consensus. I work alongside and create buy-in with Boards, Leadership, and cross-functional teams and can align your stakeholders around shared vision and goals.

* Trajectory clients over the course of my tenure included Arnold Palmer Enterprises, Atlantic Health System, Bromley's Tea, ERT Cardiac Safety, Heinz USA, ID Care, Lee Health, Liberty Science Center, NFL Consumer Products, NYCH+H, Orlando Health, Perma Blend, Pillar Care Continuum (formerly CPNJ), Princeton HealthCare System, Progyny Fertility Benefits, Reckitt Benkiser, Sylvania/Ledvance, The Wellness Way, Tower Health, Viver Health, among many others.

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