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Making The Most Of A Brand Refresh

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Business might be slowing. The market might be shifting. Customers aren't as connected as they used to be. Or your brand is strategically, aesthetically or experientially lagging the direction of the business.

​Regardless, steps need to be taken. Not wholesale reinvention, but steps to modernize to maintain relevance and protect and grow share. It’s time to sharpen your brand and reclaim your differentiation. Because in a noisy, competitive and transparent marketplace, the worst thing your brand can be is indistinct.

What Is A Brand Refresh

A brand refresh is a sharpening-up of your company’s messaging, design and experience, rooted in strategy. Partly to avoid it becoming outdated, but more importantly so it reflects how your company and your customers are constantly growing and changing.

But at the same time, your brand refresh should jolt consumers out of their normal routines in ways that allow you to stand apart from the competitive herd. Which means your brand refresh might also be a time of letting go.

Difference Between Brand Refresh And Rebranding

A brand refresh is more evolution than revolution. A rebranding on the other hand, occurs when there’s a fundamental strategic change that the organization needs to make. It’s the combination of revisiting its story, the name of the organization and enhancing all of the core strategic, design, experiential and internal cultural components that work together to build belief, love and loyalty.

Benefits Of Brand Refresh

1. It keeps you relevant and connected with the shifting values of current and prospective customers.

2. It can help you leap beyond competitors and carve out your own territory.

3. It reflects how your company and product offering has recently grown and improved.

4. It can help accelerate revenue and profits.

A Few Things To Consider

1. Think not just about updating to catch up with competitors, but to identifying white-space opportunities across the entirety of the brand experience to break free from the herd.

2. Don’t run away from existing distinctive assets and equities, as your refresh needs to be genuine to the brand and meaningful and recognizable to your most loyal customers.

3. Launch internally first, to ensure the entire organization understands, is equipped and aligned in delivering on the promise of the brand refresh.

Reach out if a brand refresh is on the horizon.


Eric Brody

Expert and passionate about guiding and implementing brand-led change. Approach every project with strategic rigor and creativity to help leaders and teams to see, believe, think and act in new ways.  

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